Rewarding Children for the positive things they do.

A reward app for children.

A reward app for children

A parenting tool.

A parenting tool

A teaching tool.

A teaching tool

Malipo is an app for

Malipo is for children


Rewarding children for the positive things they do both academically and at home.

Malipo provides real tangible rewards teaching children that if you want something, and you are prepared to work for it you can have it, just like how it works in the real world.

Malipo is for parents


Motivating children and teenagers can at times seem like an uphill battle. Malipo provides parents with an accountable platform for the assignment and monitoring of chores and self improvement.
Malipo believe the carrot is a far better motivational tool than the stick, Malipo provide that carrot and best of all, it won’t cost you bean.

Malipo is for teachers


Malipo provides teachers with an effective motivational teaching aid to help improve behaviour and encourage growth.
Collaboration between teacher colleagues is simple with Malipo. Easily record extreme behaviour, both good and bad, pinpointed to subjects or occasions in which they were displayed. This information can be accessed by any Malipo School Teacher at anytime.

Malipo is for sponsors


Join the Malipo team and be part of something bigger.
By harnessing the efforts of all Malipo sponsors, small contributions are turned into a collectively substantial source of funding and support for schools and students.
A little turns into a lot if we all chip in.

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Proudly partnering with the New Zealand Parent Teachers Association

Malipo is proud to announce our partnering up with the NZPTA whose mission statement aligns perfectly with Malipo – “to make every child’s potential achievable by engaging and empowering families, Whanau, Pasifika, and communities to advocate for all children of New Zealand“.

To find out more about the NZPTA, the great work they do in our community and how you can become a member click THIS LINK to go to their website.

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